Laurie Landry
A young Mary-Louise Parker with the mannerisms of Kristen Wiig

Educated by a diverse assortment of film, television, and theater professionals.

Dedicated to the director’s vision.

Trained in the Meisner Technique, Improv, and Voice.

Laurie Landry brings a diverse background, and a wide variety of skills to her acting.  See her Resume for a more in-depth look.

Born and raised in Holyoke, Massachusetts, Laurie has been working in a variety of roles within the entertainment industry for over 12 years.  While performing small roles in independent films such as “Cathedral Pines” (featuring Lindsay Fairchild, Colin Mochrie, and Peter Scolari) she had a long run with comedy improv troupe The Comical Mystery Tour before moving to Hollywood, California.

With the pursuit of her film career now in full swing, Laurie has quickly landed a number of roles in film, television, and online.  Most notably, she has starred and supported in several projects by Parking Lot Productions (Tim Swaan – director / editor / writer for Big Brother and The Incurables) which can be seen on her Reel page, and appeared in the live-action trailer for Mass Effect 3, “The Arrival,” which launched at E3 in 2011.

As of 2014, Laurie is currently working on her full television / film reel, as well as a voice over reel.